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About us

When two entrepreneurs passionate about the know-how of their respective country of origin meet, they first get married and then, they launch MY MARACUJÁ.


Owned by Juliane & Pierre, MY MARACUJÁ was created in 2014 to unite the Swiss & South American craftmanship. It owns two brands; one ethical fashion brand & one Swiss watch brand.

Maracujá is the Portuguese translation of "passion fruit". As a concept, it expresses the Founders' passion for their job, family & company.

Juliane, born in Brazil, loves to look for artisans around the world whose the perfection of their products deserves a fair exporting deal.

Pierre, Raymond Weil's grandson, the famous watchmaker, inherited his passion for the Swiss watchmaking perfection and founded in 2012, 88 RUE DU RHONE, his own brand.

Both Juliane & Pierre don't only share love for each other but also a love for the art of craftmanship.


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Geneva - Switzerland  |  Tel: +41 22 347 2484

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